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Curriculum vitae

Surgery, Trauma Surgery und Sports Medicine

After graduating from the Canisius College in Berlin, Dr. Völker studied at Free University of Berlin. He also completed academic studies abroad at Surgery Clinic of Prague/The Czech Republic and at Mount Sinai School in New York/USA.

After practical time at orthopaedic department of Oskar-Helene-Heim under Prof. U. Weber he underwent surgical training under Prof. H.D. Clevert at the German Red Cross Hospitals in Berlin (affiliated with the Charité in Berlin). The extensive training contained abdominal surgery, vascular surgery, lung surgery, trauma surgery and sports surgery. In 1998 Dr. Völker succesfully finished surgery training.

His doctorate at the Charité in Berlin examined elementary diagnostics in biliary tract surgery. Later he achieved additional qualification in sports medicine.

Being a consultant surgeon, Dr.Völker gained a lot of experience in tissue-conserving endoscopic and minimally invasive operative technology. Since 2003, the work under Prof. M. Faensen, head of the German hip resurfacing center of the Red Cross Hospitals in Berlin, was intensified.

Trauma surgery increasingly became the main focus of his work until Dr. Völker devoted himself exclusively to modern hip surgery. For the first time in the south of Germany Dr. Völker applied new hip replacement at November 2008 in Munich.

Since October 2009 Dr. Raimund Völker leads the Center of Hip Surgery at the ATOS Clinic Munich and works as a consultant at Clinic Dr. Decker Munich.

1982 Graduate at Canisius-Kolleg Berlin
1984-1991 Medical School at Free University Berlin
1987-1991 Studies in Prag and New York
1991 Approbation at Medical School
seit 2000 Surgical Attending at German Red Cross Hospital Berlin
seit 2003 Attending at German center of hip resurfacing
seit 2008 In addition consultant at Schreiber clinic Munich
seit 2009 Head of hip center at ATOS Munich and consultant at JOSEPHINUM Munich (until 2017)
and consultant at CLINIC Dr. DECKER Munich (since 2017)