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Video consulting

30. August 2017

Now available: Video consulting for easy communication with your doctor! https://secure.patientus.de/arztprofil/raimund.voelker

Example of 58 year old female patient of Dr Voelker, who received hip resurfacing 12 years ago. At age of 46 years she decided for hip resurfacing to preserve her healthy bone because she suffered under severe hip arthritis. Today her checkup showed perfect results and she is very happy to have the BHR (Birmingham […]

In public and even by medical colleagues many claims were made which lead to uncertainty of the patients or were meant to advertise or anti-advertise. In particular frequent complications after the so-called cap protheses or McMinn prostheses, excessive bone loss on the pelvis side and dangerous wear behavior were highlighted. A large English retrospective analysis […]

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